Project coordinator

Slovakia, Košice

Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice (UPJS)

The Faculty of Science of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice assumes the role of the principal investigator in the project. Thanks to the high number of scientific outputs and successes in solving scientific grant projects, PF UPJŠ is ranked among the leading scientific faculties in the Slovak Republic.

Department of Physical Chemistry, home workplace, is focused on the development of research and educational activities in the field of electrochemistry, materials chemistry and nanotechnologies.  Research at the department is mainly oriented at the development of biodegradable materials, electrochemical detection of biomolecules, electrochemical reduction of hydrogen and research into a new type of batteries.

Project partner no. 1

Czechia, Zlín

Tomas Bata University (TBU) is an open and flexible higher education institution in the center of the regional city of Zlín. We decided to collaborate with the laboratories of TBU due to their expertise in the field of polymer engineering, surface functionalization, and material characterization. 

At the same time, top-class TBU research units offer optimum facilities and opportunities for the provision of classes to students as well as for collaboration with companies and institutions. Several successful researchers and student mobilities took place between the partner and coordinating organization leading to the preparation of various currently submitted scientific projects.

Project partner no. 2


The research group at Budapest University of Technology and Economics is the leading team in metal foam research and has broad experience both in manufacturing and mechanical testing of metal foams of various metal.

The head of the team was an invited speaker at the Cellular Materials 2020 (CellMat2020) conference, one of the most prestigious conferences on metal foams. The first collaboration has started in the spring of 2022 that resulted in a joint participation on CellMat2022.

Project partner no. 3

Poland, Lublin

Research team of Medical University of Lublin possesses great experience at engineering of biomaterials and regenerative medicine. The team has well-documented skills at fabrication of biomaterials as well as within the use of in vitro cellular models in preclinical studies, including preliminary evaluation of biocompatibility of novel implantable biomaterials. The team developed many bone implants and wound dressings.

The head of the team (prof. Agata Przekora-Kuśmierz) has strong background related to biological characterization of the biomaterials (72 articles in JCR journals with total IF=361.251, h-index = 19). The team of prof. Przekora-Kuśmierz will perform comprehensive biological characterization (experiments with the use of in vitro cellular models) of the bone implants to confirm biocompatibility of the novel biomaterials.